Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have started using Facebook. It is likely to be my doom.

It's funny that I've been very busy lately but still don't have much to say. I'm trying to clean my apartment in preparation for my sister and her friend who will be staying with me tomorrow night, after we go to the Flogging Molly concert. Loud music, vegan food afterward, and a three-day weekend for the associated travel to and from Duluth (twice, to get aforementioned sister and friend to St. Paul and back). Should be fun, right?

I knitted a murloc, from this pattern for a friend's birthday. The pattern itself seems to have quite a few errors in it (miscounting stitches, wrong row numbers, etc.) but I think it turned out okay. I wasn't entirely happy with the legs and will probably try and make another murloc with the leftover yarn so I can try and fix the pattern a bit more to my liking.

That's all for now. Time to go pick up dinner and then clean and clean and clean...

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Sharon said...

Ah ha! You are still alive!!!!!

Sounds like a busy time. I suppose you are cleaning because of your company coming. Me...I'd let my sister help clean when she came. But that's just me.
Have a good time!